Caishni is the first smart credit system that allows customers to join monthly money cycle (ROSCA model) without any fees and no paper needed, within few easy steps.

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Caishni is an Egyptian company registered at the Egyptian Ministry of Investment. The company bears the responsibility of the subscribers and their money and guarantees the privacy of the information of the subscribers.

- There are no administrative or subscription fees (the amount you will pay, you will receive), but in some payment channels there will be cash collection fees. -The Down payment is 15% of the monthly installment value , you will pay it within 48 hours to confirm the reservation and you will get it back at the last month of the cycle.

    • In caishni gameia cycles System, each participant participates individually and the rest of the participants are not known
    • caishni owns an smart credit system to guarantee all subscribers and bears the responsibility to pay to every customer on time.

    • Download the application
    • Register a new account + photocopy the ID(front and back)
    • Choose the duration of the gameia cycle
    • Choosing the date and position to collect cash
    • Choosing the value of the monthly installment of the cycle
    • Confirmation of subscription
    • Pay the down payment and sign the contract within 48 hours
    • You are now participated the gameia cycle- gameia cycles are renewed in an automated way

Cash In:
  • credit cards (visa-mastercard)
  • fawry stores
Cash Out:
  • e-wallets transactions
  • fawry stores
  • bank account transactions

  • postponing: the customer able to postpone any monthly payment once on several months with fees 1.5% of monthly payment for every month
  • exit : the customer able to exit any cycle any time he want with fees 1.5% of monthly payment foe remaining months in cycle
Customer has the full control on his money

  • caishni wallet, just like your wallet
  • You can hold your cash and withdraw it at any time
  • You can save the monthly installment by day or by week in the wallet

Every customer must sign the following documents which will be deliver by our agent to you
  • Legal contract (copy for subscriber and copy for caishni company) so that subscribers guarantee their rights
  • sign an insurance paper
  • There are 100 EGP contract fees. The contract is signed and paid only once for all future gameia cycles.